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Yahoo! Messenger 11

Yahoo! Messenger 11 lets you talk with your Yahoo! friends and Facebook through instant messengers.

Yahoo! Messenger to bring up to date, Facebook Chat has been integrated with the latest version, along with social games such as Mafia Wars. Now you can use video chat in full screen mode, and „forever“ feature means stay connected to your mobile phone, home or workplace.

Of course, you can update your status on Facebook with Yahoo! Messenger and Yahoo! Messenger.What has not changed since the previous version is the amount of mess in the apartment. Some people may enjoy sharing videos, social games (as shown in the movie here), radio stations, emotions, search bar and so on. All this however did not add much weight to Yahoo! Messenger, and it was not advanced at the time. The quality of video calls on Yahoo! Messenger is good enough, however, even akozaglaven application will become a call so we do not recommend it more!

Social amplifikasiaspekThere is no revolution in Yahoo! Messenger. If you like all the bells and whistles, you will love this app, but many find it annoying and distracting.



Improved spam management

Social function

Easy access to recent contacts

Intelligent Archiving Snap and Share

Quick access to all the emotions Now in Rumanaterlal

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