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WWE 2K17

WWE 2K17 combines narrative and combat elements in battle games that look like WWE game action from others on the market. You can play various types of games, from various combat games to rear sessions, creating your own character or playing as a WWE star. The game MyCareer mode that I see is leading your character through the free and up-and-down race of the fight, hoping not only to win the game but to win the crowd.

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Games on WWE 2K17 improved on the basicsof previous games. The most significant change is the new classification of stars that appear during the game; You need to win the crowd’s fun while maintaining a tense and diverse fight, not just attacking the best attack again and again until you pin. Other new features include ringide roles for managers and the ability to bypass promotions using the menuDialog Telltale. If you like itShowcase content in 2K16, you will be disappointed, because there are less historical materials here.

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Incombat language, „smark“ – „smart brand“ – is a fan who knows the beginning of the wrestling world and who still loves to see good games. If so, you will enjoy the combination of battle and theater in WWE 2K17.

Finally, WWE 2K15 came to the PC, since he had been in the console since last October. The computer version adds all the downloadable contentfrom the game into a package, which makes it a great value. But the delay is between the release of the port’s faulty appeal?

The main event

WWE fans may alreadyknow the story behind this game. The hope is that with 2K Sport now on the go, the franchise will have a long overview. The totally new animations, sounds and models of characters are at the center of the renewal wish list.

Unfortunately, this is not what WWE fans have ever received. Instead, 2K Sports boughtVisual Concepts (their NBA title developers) to deliver good games and improve their faces but leave the underlying mistakes. The result is a game that looks good until you start playing. Now, you’re notso bad that WWE 2K15 is still playing like WWE 2K14, the problem is that fans are expected to be more.

That said, this new installment adds some new game variations that can indicate the direction of future improvements can be taken.This includes industrial mechanics (usually seen only close to the start of the fight), participating in a mini rock-style game. Below is the finest interaction with the right rattan to find a sweet spot faster than your opponent, creating a very close tension. It seems good ifit’s a spectator, but as a player he’s trapped in winning that he loses a lot of fluid back and forth he creates.

From there he is accustomed.Appropriate effort, strike, counter mechanics are at stake and still need the time of patience known franchising and love enthusiasts. It usually works well against your unique opponent, builds momentum and controls the game’s rhythm.

Talon back

Anyway, soon to see the problem. Being inactive when you run a movement that Super Star says, unfortunately, when fightingmore than one enemy too often will make a competitorIt is sometimes difficult, but if fired by a pin and, in contrast, inhibiting different competitors, it can be an uncomfortable game.

My real complaint about WWE 2K15 comes from what was lost in this release for 2K14, or the launch of the previous console.

2K14 delivers an individual campaign run for 29 years of wrestling preparation for Wrestlemania 30. This year the mod was replaced by two rows of rival history: the fall of Degeneration Xand Dinner andCM Punks blowout. This works fine if you are a follower of any of these characters, but it has no iconic game nature last year, which resulted in a weaker solo experience. Fortunately, if you play alone, the round race mode that takes you to the WWE NXT development league ranks a bit.

Another way in the absence of WWE 2K 15 is the creator of the story. Although I rarely have patience for that reason, the creation of peopleothers will not be seen (so the mod community has at least their hands).

My last problemwith WWE 2K15 was that at that time since reaching the console, the story line in the program has grown significantly. Thus, the characters of the game seemed to be an unrecognized person compared to their condition Take Cesaro, who received 93 qualifications (one of the highest) in the game) but now suffered in the division of the tag team with Tyson Kid. The sidemost profitable is the CM Punk still looks like a straightforward follow-up follower, this is probably their last time on the WWE game list.

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WWE 2K15’s biggest sin is that he took the first wrong step. I suspect fans will be happier with the last years of visuals, and more effort in animation and mod. This is a game that last year – looks better. After that, maybe next year will see 2K Games committo continue their path started. Some new product arrests can go a long way to bring life into the models of great visual characters that have been seen in this game of the year.

E, maybe next year we can also see the PC version launch more timely.Help

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