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WWE 2K15

WWE 2K15 finally arrives on PC, last October on consoles. The PC version will add content to download each game into one package, which is very valuable. But the delay between press hurts appeal to this port?

The main event

WWE fans will probably already know the story behindthis game. It was expected that with Sports 2Kyn now on the table, the franchise passed through the long-awaited update. Totally new animation, character models and casts wereThis core renewal desires.

Unfortunately, this is not what fans of the WWE got. Instead, he bought visuals2K Sports concepts (titles of NBA companies) to provide a good polishing and gesighef game, but left the main mistakes. The result is a game that looks good until you ddechrauchwarae. Take the wrong way to play WWE 2K15 as well as WWE 2K14. The problem is that fans expect more.

That said, addingThe new tranch has several reversesA new game that shows address future improvements. It involves picking up an engineer (usually just near the beginning of the fight), you have participated in the mini-rock-scissor-style game. Then this will be followed by a greater interaction elegant gyda’rhawl stick,To find the sweetest place faster than your opponent, which will bring tension well. It looks good if you are a spectator but as a spelerJy still so that you can get back and lose a lot of fluid creates.

From there, business as usual. Just one strike pick up teenmeganika everythingIn the game and still needs the patient that time franchise fans know and love. This usually works ddayn against single opponents, your impulse will build and manage the rhythm of the game.

Fifth turn

But it does not take long for you to start seeing somebody’s problems. ToI’ll be in your place if you practice moves, the fine Superstar fight to fight against more than one enemy Closing too much to the wrong competitor. Sometimes it’s just a nuisance, but if you go to the pin instead of yncystadleuydd another: this may be a game that irritation.

The realMy complaint about the WWE 2K15 voice in this version of 2K14 missing, or the latest version of the console.

2K14 has proposed a single player campaign that you made in the 29-year Wrestlemaina in preparation for Kachmania 30. This year, this method has been replaced by two wedyweringstories: Decline XScollaps, Price and CM punk-exhale.It works well if you are a fan of any of these characters but no character icon of last year is a game that will lead to a weaker solo experience. Luckily, even if you only play a career lingerie career that will take you to development dieGeledere WWEs NXT League does it a little.

The other method, whichIs especially WWE 2K 15 absent, the creator of history. Although I rarely get the gyfery patient’s opinion on the creations of other people, they will be lost (though the community that I have my hands).

My last problem is that WWE 2K15 at the time, because it’s game, story lines are moving greatlyIn the show. In this way, characters in the game look like vreemdMisplaas compared to their current state. Take Cesaro, who scored 93 (one of the highest in the game), but now swallowed in tag division with Tyson Kidd. Unplws is that CM Punk still show a look. Reguitrandventilators note, most likely, it will beThe last time he came up with a WWE spelling list.

Player B +

WWE 2K15 is the biggest sin that took the first half the result was ok. I suspect that fans are happy with photos last year, and more efforts put on animations and methods. This makes it oneMatch of illynedd – just look better. Will Tak said that maybe next year we will see 2K Games committed to continuing on the path they have begun. New spectacle capture a little long way to breathe life on the most visually stunning hero models in the game have already seen this year.

AndPerhaps the following year, we can see that version of the PC-quick release way version. Please?

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