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Wonder 2017

Based on the best-selling New York Times, the story of August MIRACLE Pullman tells boy with different wrinkles, which for the first time to the first grade of primary school. Based on the best-selling New York Times, WONDER says incredibly inspiring and sincere stories Ogastus Pulman. Born with the facial differences that have prevented him from hitting the main school, Aggie has become unlikely heroes as the fifth grade of the fifth grade. yakastsiyagoin the family, colleagues and new wider community, we are all fighting for the discovery of compassion and acceptance, extraordinary travelAuggie connects them all and proves that you can not mix when you are born to fall.

Veteran follows Fish and Wildlife Service to kill a young woman with Native American investigations, and uses the issue as a way to seek redemption for an earlier act of irresponsibility that ended in a tragedy.

WINDRIVER zyavlyaetstsachłodzeniemthriller to be a new FBI agent (Elizabeth Olsen), working with a local tracker with deep social ties and pastimes (Dzheremi Renner) to kill a local girl on a remote Indian reservation , hoping to investigate the mystery of her death.

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