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Whos Your Daddy? Demo Preview

In the „Who’s Your Daddy“ multiplayer experience, players will act as an officer, as playing a father, and one that plays like a baby. The purpose of the father to keep the baby safe at home for the day (which really only takes a few minutes). In the meantime, the purpose should be attached to baby forklifts, to spend time bathing in hot ovens or taking a nasty fall: something to die and „win“ circle. transforming the roles and players begin again.

Unfortunately, poor baby

notlittle else to say that the basic premise of the game. The controls are simple: two players use the left and right buttons on the mouse and WASD keys to move and achieve their goals. Dad, of course, move faster, but it is necessary! Daddy needs to remove items relentless physics of time with a child-proof house and baby is very safe for children: bleach and batteries are installed, waiting for the family to break the glass table, and the deilliodarnau Yade of glass, as the family garage ECARShits the wall, it exploded. Dad and baby feeding tablets can improve fruit (without repercussions) … even if it suffered a deep shade of green they cause illness or injury.

happy round

Each player turn as Dad, the baby during rondes.Dit is useful function and fair, because it plays very differently and disproportionately. Dad task certainly more serious than a premature baby, but a powered-up ffenestrigael zavrshuvanjeRaboti father. When he put the battery in the smoke alarm or toy toysbox, for example, can have a „Bat-papa“, allowing him to see through walls. The baby is being power-ups, but not necessary: ​​they are small enough to hide, while a father around, and then jump into a full bathroom while he was gone!

explosiein past

It can be seen as a good thing or a bad thing, given the precedent of the game, but not your father ynsteil large grafika.Karikaturniot with earthy colors, realistic games like the Sims or similar mid-2000s, the ratio of karaktersentextures of objects in the vicinity of the house is certainly not professional. The animation is described najdrajlivo as „nervous.“ But maybe it’s hard not to laugh when father for the oven, absolute love, and opens with a mission to find the baby.

promise safe

In general, it sounds like your kind of game TatkoKakoGallai enjoy it, it probably is. Given how easy it was to get the game, and how easy it is to start playing, there is minimal risk intry. All really want to go to a like-minded friend (or several!), Modify a copy of the game, and a willingness to get down and dirty in the depths of a house in the suburbs as caretaker win and cause problems.

Who is your father? It depends on you!

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