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Vatch_Dogs (C) Ubisoft

05/2014: ….. .. PROTECTION …….: UbiDRM + Custom

3: ………. disk (S) .. ……..: Action, Adventure

All you need is a single layer of the finger. Connect with friends. we buy

latest gadgets and equipment. We need to find out what is happening in the world. or

same simple sliding, leanoBevwide shadow. each

about, we leave digital traces are following our every move i

milestones, each of us like and suka.Dan not just people. Today, all

large cities network. monitoring of urban infrastructure and

control of complex operating system.

In Vatch_Dogs, operatingsystem is called the central (CTO) and

control almost every part CITIS and technology holds the key

information for all residents CITIS.

You play as Aiden Pearce, a brilliant hacker former criminals whose criminal

Past led to a violent family tragedy. inIn now looking for thosehurts

The family will dapatuntuk monitor and hack all who surround

manipulate all connected to the network CITIS. access anywhere

security cameras, download personal information to locate order, control

traffic lights and public transportation to stop enemiand more.

upotrebaSitigrupChicago as the main oružjei suit your style


Key features


Vatch_Dogs place in the city where they live fully simulated, using

smartphone, to have real time control over the infrastructure citis.Perangkap

their enemies30 avtomobilimanipuliranje with a bunch of traffic lights. stop

training, and then the commission was to evade authorities. He managed to escape from captivity

quickly raise the bridge. Everything connected with CITIS CTOmoći

It becomes a weapon.

street Justice

Staying in Chicago, where violenceis best answered by violence,

imaatsposobnost to take the fight to the streets. Taking into account the enemy

What a crushing blow with a stick, or there is shooting as

never before with asimulasi physics application or killer

category. Use a combinationRecording and hackers to gain an advantage in any

regarding nego.šetnjadizajniran to make your plans

attack. Generally, you will have access to more than 30 traditional weapons.

High octane AUTO

Ubisoft closely with studios like Ubisoft Reflections, which

recognize studiodriver behind the award-winning series to take the game

full silisili horse. Get behind the wheel of more than 65kendaraan, or

with modern physics and handling, and explore the big city

dokzavršili mission.

everything is under control

Boring, all new game engine dedicated to using Vatch_Dogssophisticated

processing and graphics to provide a visually stunning ivisoko

real experience. The compromise gives you the power to influence the story,

City life in the selection creates an echo

implemented throughout the city.

dynamic navigation

Vatch_Dogs gives you the opportunity to use notonly CITIS CTO for you

Advantage or ulicepreviše. In the real world in Chicago, cut

izgradbaili climb on the roof to catch your target.

Seamless multiplayer experience

Discover a new level of interaction, cooperation and confrontation between

player multiplayer game thanks to a new systemthat connects a unique brand

and multiplayer modes into one seamless experience. This means that menus without

loading screens, just instant open world multiplayer action.

Stay Connected With A NEVCARA Plai

Taking the experience beyond the frame coming in real time

companiongame. This innovative mobile platform that allows players to connect

natprevaruvaatso are friends, even when away from their home consoles. the Vatch_Dogs

companion to play a double game revolutionary screen that allows

to play anywhere, anytime.


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5. Play the game.

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