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Virtual CloneDrive 5

Have you ever needed to burn ISO, IMG file or DVD, but are not spare disk or simply did not want to go to the trouble to do so?

If so, you know that you can mount ISO files virtually using virtual disks as Virtual CloneDrive? Well, that’s katodobavyaneadditional DVD disc on your computer, but it exists only virtually on your desktop. Also you can use to create image files that can be included in a virtual disk from diskotili hard ndaona so keep using DVD as normal.

Asked useno need to get to the main interface. In addition, you can mount the file by right-clicking on it, or Explorer, which should enable hill from there. When you do this, which is usually asked if you want Virtual CloneDrive release iliIMG in ISO file.Otherwise, it will ask you if you want to search files contained therein.

problemotSamo experienced and it was katikaVista which is not supported officially, but that works. However, it seems that after the first mountain to work if you try to start another, may in each case does not respondor simply allow you to browse the files where you can perform file manually, however.

Virtual CloneDrive is a superb and simple tool to release up-DVD drive and preventing the need to burn DVD IMG and ISO files.

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