VAG COM 409 Windows XP/7/8 torrent download28. August 2017 | 12:07


This information has been tested on Windows 7 Ultimate x86 and you follow the instructions below. You can also work on other versions of Windows, but you need self-test.

If you are running this application, in window x64, you can see this link:

Install instructions:

1. Start „VAG-COM“;

2. Modify the Destination Guide „C: VAG-COM“. Do not log in „Software files“;

3. Shortcut after completing the „VAG-COM 409-1“ directory in the „VAG-COMMISSION“ directory;

4. Use the program to launch.

Do not closeThe launcher (black) until the software is finished. Creates a programmer that uses the launcher. When you start the program without using launcher, you will soon see that the program has not already registered and you can not use all the features.

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