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Under Tale is a role playing game for the PC. It invites you to socialize with monsters instead of fighting. It is also a game where you can date the skeleton.

Befriend your enemies

Under Story battle system usually isvoor roleplaying games. However, this systemIt includes a series of intermediate options to try and make friends with their enemies. Explore fight the emotional state of samples and use it to your advantage, so shtotie their will to fight losses. vednashPosle it will be able to save his life.

according toa story game changing with the ability to save the lives of others. Your decisions will be the story in the way certain characters umpredictable story under your will because it takes effect six hours, often replayzo as you can see the different alternatives. Want to be a goodman or a butcher? Beware game records your past decisions and „recalls“ will nivkoga will start again.

temnolezhi something below the surface

Under Story Breaks the fourth wall and to convince the player. We can not be precise, but some surprises that await you in thisgame is similar to fighting Psycho Mantis in Metal Gear Solid, the game against the Scarecrow in Batman Arkham Asylum.

UndertaleHet strongly reminiscent of earthly role Nintendo game saga. Napovrshina like a friendly match with a strange sense of humor. But akomalku will dig scenes that will make you cryor shudder.
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And let’s not forget the unexpected end.

great little role play

It’s hard to be more specific about the virtues of Sub Story without compromising the surprises for you. You are looking for a great little role-playing game mechanics and stories that affect you emotionally, notbiOchekuvamehet way. It takes six hours and is very playable. What are you waiting for? Let it surprise you!

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