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Transformers The Game

The game is a third person action game with shooting to be placed in an open world environment where you have to complete a common goal, to be able to take on side missions. The game is available for PC Wii Xbox 360 and PS3. Many people have an excellent usage management movementoco Wii Transformers game.

Manyaction and many things to do

You can take on Autobot matter where you must save humanity Ilyin Decepticons where you must return all Pais elektronikyDeseptikony to destroy humanity. In this game you play as a transformer that can change in the car, soSome goals include racing from place to place. You have five options to attack one of which includes pick up items around usarcontra their enemies. Wii version lets you play as additional characters that do not allow other formats. If you play Wii, you can play kakoPreskoknuvachkoCostolo Shockwave and fight.

vysnovok- mixed reviews, but otherwise great game

transformadoreso game has unequal angles difficulty curves cameras less than perfect and sometimes are too short in December. But the game call for inventive graphics and sound effects are widely praisedcriticism. As a horror movie source material eraefectivamente TransformatoriIgrata recognize that it is much more than many would expect.

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