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The Walking Dead

Living the Dead from Telltale Games is an episodic point and click adventure, action game that remains true to the walking dead canon, while providing a new storyline.

To help the Living Dead game I feel like a comic book series based on it, the proverbial vybravvykorystovuvatyCartoon Cousin Art Style And Release Five Episode Game. Both of these things will definitely help the walking dead feel like playing an interactive comic book.

The Walking Dead focuses on vyboridialoh. Players are given a limited amount of time to choose between severalVariations dialogues such as Interactive Mass Effect system, Mass Effect does not store any time constraints. With the introduction of deadlines players feel the urgency and nadiyuscho will respond more openly. The Walking Dead lets you show the character Lee Everett, a man of unknownOr immoral.

There are events for quick-timeIgrata, which adds to a strain. Living Dead includes sequences that have shvydkoknopku press to overcome the enemy and the order in which you must quickly upload the zombies by clicking on them. Living dead is not the shooter, so someGames with guns and even strolling products containing some unstable controls whenthey played with the mouse and the keyboard.

The story in walking dead quite impressive, supported by many actors and models geroi.Dokato graphics in the „walking dead“ is not the most modern, its cell-shadowyStyle art inthedenkomiksivZhyvit heroes with bright colors and strokes. Of course you are interested in one of the characters in your group. There are some big villains in the game, which makes some shocking things.

Because there are so many options that a player can make in the walking dead they playYour friends in this game will probably have different stories for you. This gives stellar WalkingMartva replay. At the end of each episode, you will get a report on how your choices are matched by other Living Dead Players.

Istoriyabuduye to orgasm, but for a short while. As Living Dead So Good,That you cared for a group, shows the fate of Clementine and Lee will leave you breathless. Some players are complaining lately, but I think it’s beautifully done and go with it temivhra.

Telltale Games has made the franchise is Living Dead with an exciting story that provides parallel comics.This game has an enormous value and is one of the best games of 2012.

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