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The Case for Christ 2017

In 1980, award-winning investigative journalism won promotion to the Chicago Tribune Editor Lee STROBEL was legal. Things were not home and would almost just as well. The new faith in Christ’s wife, Lee Leslies journalistic discipline should compel Christians controversyso that the actions of his atheism -pitting loan increases significantly. From the bestseller of the same name of Isus Hristos, in case Strobels dramatic and compelling them a day trip from the heart.
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apudItheatrau came in 2017: For anyone who has ever pondered this story to move toIt plays a role in mind.

Journalist investigating and vigorously that the self-proclaimed atheist for his wife after a Christian. The award-winning investigative journalist is a true story – atheist and denied – art works, using its legal and journalistic skillsthe new politeness and unexpected results refute his Christian faith, life changing.


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