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The Banner Saga 2

Title: The Saga Flag 2

Genre: India, RPG, strategy

Developer: perseverance

Editor: evil

Release Date: April 19, 2016

Metascore: 84

About the game:

Win awards and BAFTA nominated a series of continuous Saga flags 2. Continue your journey after the event klimaktičkihA Banner Saga. The choice made in the first game affects the survivors and the dead in this thrilling sequel. As the world continues to collapse around it, only the fortress of hope remains, but there is a stićiZahtevajuStrong leadership, severe victims, the impact of new heroes and, as always, a healthy strategy in the struggle.


The epic viking epic continues with the sequence of combat animation 2D hand drawing is a pretty and nice special impression, which once again followed gracefully Grammy composer nominated Austin Vint

The selecciónun players who continue to carry their story stories continue on the basis of the choices made in the first game, and the tough decisions that need to be made.

New characters and nationThe new epic journey continues to interact with new characters and new horsemen, Horseborn.

Melloradoloita with the strategic effects of enhancing the martial arts board, the most strategic strategic increase and permanent loss figure continues to strongly influence long after the battle.

The journey is as important as fighting for its role in building and managing their caravanagran stage when traveling, is important not only to continueLife, but also preživljavanjeCele civilization

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