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The Banner Saga 2

Title: Banner Fair 2

Genre: Indie, RPG, Strategy

Project creators: Stojic

Author: Versus Evil

Published date: April 19, 2016

Metascore: 84

For this game:

Awards and nominations for BAFTA continue to exhibit in the Exhibition Hall 2. Continue to the shortest possible spot of the fair.“Banners“. The first choice of games will affect those who live and those who die in this exciting pursuit. When the worlds around you fall, it will hope only for hope,But they come, require strong guidance, great death, influence new heroes and, as always, a solid strategy in the fight.

The main characteristics of the game

The epic saga of Vikings continues to fightBeautiful 2D Handmade, and Animals added to special effects, again contains the winning results of the Grammy Award composer Austin Vintori.

Choosing a player who still keeps his story, it is based on the choice made in the first game,And the hard option you need in this.

New characters and new races continue to travel epic with a new and new life, Conjorn.

Better combat strategies that have been improved, more strategic battles and permanent loss of character will continue to weigh heavily after the fight.

Traveling is as important as a battle for the role of building and managementThe caravan while traveling on a vast landscape is essential, which means not only for their experience but for the surviving citizens.

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