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Stronghold Crusader demo

Stronghold Crusader is a real-time strategy computer game of the campaign, which allows you to handle conflict since the Crusades. The demo version gives you a taste of the action before deciding to purchase the full version of the game.

Similarly VozrastImperii and Tamadunpermainan series, it’s your job to Stronghold Crusader, to ensure the safety of your soldiers in the Middle East in the First, Second and Third Crusades. This means that the delay of the Muslim army,and decide among lyudeyv nakonflikti within individual Crusaders.

andamencapai these feats in the acquisition of Stronghold Crusader and Stronghold buildings in cities under your control. In addition, you can go to a place like campaign Nicaea, Antioch and Jerusalem, and tamdazhe game feature called Crusader Trail, which consists of a siri50 mission related and pits you against a variety of opponents.

uporishteKrstonoscite interests of various characters,historical figures, such as Richard the Lion Serdtsedlya works of art, such as a mouse, a boy who grew up poor, but then inherit the earth danwang.
These characters have their own backstory in Stronghold Crusader, which serves to make the game more interesting.

Unfortunately, Stronghold Table CrusaderOni poor compared to other games for PC currently on the market. The game also can be repeated, if the game is trapped amount of time.

If you’re fond of historyCrusades, or simply enjoy the historic campaign themed computer igryStronghold Crusader try.


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