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Skype for Business Preview 6

Skype for Business space Microsoft Lync unified communications platform, to take the best features of both product users that the company bought in 2011 by its trading platform successfully. products offered as part of Office 365 or as a stand-alone offering.

the best of both worlds

Skype for Business manténcaracterísticas who make it popular as a platform for communication: instant messaging, file-sharing features, video chat and suaradan (groups and individuals).

So,added features that make it Lync slammed the deal. This includes the security of enterprise level and privacy features, integration with Outlook, which indicates the presence of address (offline, in a meeting, busy, etc.) with compromisosBenvido to your calendar, and the ability to share your screen while video.


If Skype for Business ditawarkansebagai part of Office 365, has partnered with the Office Suite. namakala with Outlook, allowing you to take notes inOneNote automatically saved. Skype 7.23 Flame Free Download Torrent

eSkype combination of Lync also means that you can call any ID Skype for more sound and video, not just Lync addresses. Further develop the use of Skype for Business, Microsoft is working with partners to develop a video device that comes with an integrated Skype.

In terms of appearance and behavior, Skype for Business program set Lync interface that nisawa photo for cash crops, while integrating Skype icon.

Not perfect, but very popular

since takingownership of Skype in 2011, Microsoft put a lot of work on the product. This does not mean that it is complete, it is that brings tons of useful features and is very popular. Lync has its own problems in terms of reliability, call quality and dropped calls, but also proved to be popular. With both programs together, Microsoft certainly are exposed area of ​​a dynamic business communication tool.


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