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ShowMyPC 3055

ShowMyPC is a free utility program for cooperation.

free, open source application, to attend this and other computer or desk with excellent access to the same or different users will be able to see the remote support. ShowMyPC could be easier for the User to install the application on their computers. People share their PC hits „Show my computer now“ to, and the person who wants to see the hits See remote PC.

ShowMyPCSortzeabeste password usuariosoPC will also be provided. You can also choose to share a single application. The application allows you to display and host, and is expected to attend meetings. ShowMyPC also feature a slate of people, sharing conversations.

Technically speaking, established by private servers, security can promote. You’ll also established ShowMyPC serwerprawo to modify the properties of standard eginezhori TightVNCicona server appears on the taskbar. In the applicationTotal free, easy to use which makes it easier to share. Of course, this is not a program ShowMyPCs does not look good, but it is very functional.

, Free desktop sharing Simple, you give ShowMyPC a go.

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