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Scrabble is the famous game of letters in words and strategy. This application takes hours on the computer screen and also offers a number of additional features to enrich the entire experience.

Legendary game play on the screen some xogospalabra

Scrabble is a game of strategy that shows the selection of random tiles of each letter. The real challenge is to arrange the letters to match a word that matches the network game and all plochkiteKoito enxogoform. At each card value and the player earns points by adding the total value of a word. In addition to the value of a point, there are certainly distances on board points that increase as a word or letter combination triple double and triple, all contribute to asegurarunha higher score. Playing the game screen gives you the advantage that you can only play against the computer. With the included dictionary you do not have to search for words and, of course, are avtomatichnoizchislena score.

FastAnd addictive

Scrabble for a great time dead, for hours addictive fun. The ability to play on your computer or with a friend or system opens the possibility to get word at any time.

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