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Safari 5.1

Apple is even criticized when it launched a very bad start with the version of Safari for Windows. Since then, things have changed, and Safari 5 has gone far from being introduced as a new reader badge for easy reading on every web site for speed loading and better did not support HTML5 video with good support and stability.

All the original features such as top dlyalehshe tab control page and Cover Flow, wear bookmarks and website ITunes style leaves have been set.

Many nice touching touchscreen

SafariWas a Windows-based browser, presenting the best places is one of the fascinating features of Safari. Top Sites display panoramic thumbnail sites that you visit most often in one window. Just click on the window you are visiting by going directly to the page. If you are visiting those sites every day, Top is an easy way to get rid of your browser without getting a bookmark. It is also a great way to track your travels more often, and you can install your favorite placesIn the same place always know where you are on the Safari. Do not star in the corner to mark those with new things so you can immediately see what’s been updated.

At the same time, the Cover Flow will be familiar to all iTunes users, so you can see your published pages all of the last-page pages they were looking for. The principle is based on paging through an album in iTunes. Although it seems cool, its benefits are questionable.

The horoscope gets the benefits. EnterJust the word and the trip show it every page Catch these riders – very important if you can not remember the place where you have seen a person’s name or playing a game.

Other like Reader, you can set all devices in the display, though there is no way to convert the font. There is also a search for ryadParametry for search box on Safari, so you’re not tied to Google.

Other important features in Safari tabs, making it easier to find and open a little tab on Safari. You can even drag the tab to the windowAnother trip.

In addition, all standard features in Safari remain. You can click the RSS tagIn the URLSieErhalten line, check out all nutritional publications that you can think of in the historical order and get detailed info or header.

Stand firm and stable

Safari removed many errors that made it difficult to use on the computer for the first time, and are now very stable. It’s easy browser. HTML5 support has been excellent, which ozyachayVy can see the video in full HTML5 screen right now.HTML5 Geolocation of features is now available for Safari users.

NavigierenIn Safari also improved the most accurate and easier way through the inputBar address that actually searches the web page cache in words and memories, during certain pages. Speed ​​has often been Safari and Apple has high speed and higher Nitro engine, it says it runs JavaScript faster than the original versions.

No, of course, straightforwardly

Safari lacks VerfügungVerglichen basicsWith Firefox and Chrome, but you can not deny that Safari adds your style to your PC’s classroom.

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