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Rock Dog 2017

Snow Mountain Tibetan mastiff Living a quiet life in the village sheep wool Guard Linnux and his thuggish rabid wolf pack of dogs with a simple riff. To avoid distraction, Mastiff Khampa leaders banned all music. But Bodi Khampas son of a plane in a radio station, it only takes guitar will turn sealed his fate: Bodi had a rock roll star. But that means defying her parents to congratulate the city of the title, and retired kokapenamitikoaren – musician Angus Scattergood, whoa new song, and write quickly. If you can put together a band Bodi, Angus friend of his songs and defeat the Snow Mountain wolf plot to take his life will be better. Bodi finally what you’ve always dreamed of … Rock hell is more than one dog is more than just a dog ROCK!

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