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QuickTime 7.7

QuickTime is a proprietary format video and Apple’s QuickTime Player is the official player.

As you would expect from a product of Apple, very smooth Quicktime sometimes „hide“ point of use readily available, such as creating playlists, you expect to be. It then performs the basicfeatures such as games, it is very easy to use, but it is a bit slow. You should benetangehien hêQuickTime, however, that the upgrade to Pro, much more in to do like editing video files and convert you.

Apple, QuickTime video format developedMOV, to play, but it’s not Windows, but it is not, it does not very flexible. play almost any media formats, such as VLC and other players much faster start.

QuickTime media player Daenblematiko from Apple, although there are many other free players are very powerful WindowsDit


make changes that increase reliability,improved compatibility iadresa security.

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