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Prince of Persia: Warrior Within Demo

Prince of Persia: Warrior Within is a 2,000 action-adventure game. The Prince returns to a dark struggle against the evil Dahaka to save his soul from a curse.

The return of the prince

After successfully moving away from their rootsPlatforming 2D, the Prince of Persia series became famous for sword-basedAction combined with level parkour style design. Prince of Persia: Warrior In the frame of the move to a darker, grittier atmosphere, away from the Arab inspired ambition. Remaining ambient lights and instrumentalmusic, replaced with secret corridors and hard rock. This move corresponds to the story and givesExceptional experience ended with the perception of character as a prince. While this game was published for more than a decade, the characteristics of his age are not too extreme. The graphics are bloomy the whole outer appearance, but are healthy enough. Game still feels fresh and challenging,Much more than later extensions. There are some problems with the gameplay features, including low resolution and the launchof new operating systems.


Prince of Persia: Warrior Within a classic series, serious and disturbing information thatThere is much needed expansion of the universe. And although, of course, it’s a dated game, it’s good and should be seen as having to play for the fans of the series.

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