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Outlast is the first horror game that borrows from classic amnesia and season with new features that provide some privacy.

In outlast you have to experience the madness of violence and death that is in an abandoned asylum. Bahatohoroshyy accordance with the control plot and various Finalmata, promisesto outlast was the worst game ever created. But is it?

Blood, guts and gore

Outlast scary – in nachaloto.Igratanot good, that puts you in the shoes of the main character, Miles Upsur, and make sure that you have a hard time (mean something). History is usually flat but very effective, especially bagiadegan very realistic blood and gore. Outlast this game is not for the weak: the brutal violence and really get under the skin.

chasOutlast now making a mistake that will not be done in any horror game: routine. The first time was vsichkoNova,scary, frustrating and tiring, and the game really menakutkanyang make your hair stand on end and your pulse race. But after the first shock, outlast introduced to rutynu.Yiyi „source izplashitelni» exhausted, so every task in the game on a small change, which means that they are addressed in much the same every time: „Come here, activate buttons or repeat tuildan , „

Outlast duzheLinear. Sometimes some igrataKadetofree door open or move into areas that are not supposed to do. linearity has two clear objectives: First, to keep you safe. If the game can not control what you do or where you go, you do not bolehkejadian aktyvuvatyDeyaki unexpected that makes you jump out of your seat.

The second effect of linearity is that if you look closely at outlast, you will see that it’s just a puzzlegiant. Every part of the game has a certain order, and if you make it nachinTogavaymovirno not continue to live. Finding „the invisible“ – the bit that involves crawling on all four trips a hidden closet or under the bed, avoiding enemies defect or run for your life in the persecution – is the key to progress in the game.

perezhytyne try (and absent) to terrorize andamental after the first hour. When you have finished injuryThis early, outlast just intestine, blood and mummy, accompanied by a lot of anxiety, always tip a frightening number.

This is not obov’yazkovopohano because, among other things, outlast know when to turn on the Intro to make you ask her mother. But unlike other games such as Amnesia (almost the entire game genre link) where you really overwhelmed Pharaoh’s entourage and the story of the game, outlast prostolehko „BOO! scare you! „Moments.

realistic movement

falseone of the most important things outlast pengurusandan how they affect the game. Although he plays another game in the first person, our movements on the screen is very realistic, as the slide tilanashi supports our hands on the floor or rounded corners, as we will look back and human movement control transmitter and put tegasBatu in the shoes of the poor ,

camcorders will only tool in the game. dozvolyayeVy see it in the dark throughinfrared mode, but the battery is depleted when vieIzpolzvayte it is necessary to find a replacement level. Using the camera offers a lot of scary moments outlast, although this is not mungkinatau battery runs out, the game will balansriven complexity, give your battery when you need it.

great graphics and powerful sound

Outlast using Unreal Engine 3. It is also used and is generally very good. In addition, any simple computer mozheshtovhaty itin ambangkeupayaan them, but still enjoy otlichniproizvoditelnost.

It combines light and shadow, and the infrared camera to great effect (filter chamber is very realistic). Blood on the walls, the remains were scattered at the scene, the red – and also some of the best things you see when andaTravel – deserve attention.

Overall, Outlast has some excellent graphics contaminated annoying little problems that are characteristic of the Unreal Engine3, both physical objects that do not exist (This curtain wall that looks like …)!

As for the sound – the real star of the horror game – lasts longer drsangat strong. Dialogue terrible, strange voice called out all the steps of dividing sfokusovanina thing is to give you a terrible experience.


Outlast is a great game a little scar and you have moments that you will take some time for the goal. All products arequite unusual bahawaiMakartse a very linear game, it does not take a great level design. Management and some scenes that really stand out.

Outlast is the best horror game of all time? Ultimately, it depends on who is playing and how sensitive they are. But in any case, if you like the genre, you should definitely Atri.

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