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Nero 2017 Platinum

Nero content 2017 Platinum + Multilingual Package

Looking for better security for your records and files, such as faster video editing and easier to use? Let’s go for it! Nero 2017 Platinum offers you the quality level you expect, all the full features of a new, powerful digital tutorial technology to assist you in your digital projects.

Just more safety!

Start enjoying intuitive Nero 2017 Platinum with Nero’s most important taskKuickstart isuočavaju expressed breath. But that’s not all: either an audio CD, DVD or Blu-ray, you can easily burn long-term photos, videos, music, and data using trusted Nero technology. * And if you want maximum security, the new SecurDisc provides password protection and 256-bit encryption and what happens on your PC remains on your PC.

Full-bodied creativity.

The Nero Platinum 2017’s richest offers a wide range of possibilities for themselvesHigh quality results and creativity to complement their multimedia files. Import high quality HEVC () recording or 4K HD computer transfers with smartphones, digital cameras and camcorders.

Captiva’s audience and video editing or fast-moving model of 4K videos and over 800 amazing effects. Export old movie scenes at a time. Adds a high-quality and stylish menu on DVD-Video and Blu-raimožete to jump to the scene you want to pull your armAftermarket with Nero Cover Designer and enjoy the best calidade.Saida for your music and videos. Are we talking about anything? Oh ies popcorn!

Any variety of formats!

Collect what’s there: Import all the formats, including high quality HEVC () and convert them to almost any format you need. * Video Rip DVD, AVCHD and Blu-Rai * and reuse files for new projects. With 1-click conversions, you can poslati Audio CDs directly on a mobile deviceYou are connected. Nero provides automatic conversion mode with easy mellorSon.

Sit down and be happy with!

People-oriented, customizing the screen using Nero MediaHome, you can find photos and videos with translations and music and play fast. And by using Nero MediaHome is optimized for Wi-Fi Sync, it can be imported quickly and sent to almost any device, either iOS or Android smartphones or tablets.

Igrasvi audio and video formats, including 4K (Ultra HD) and HEVC qualityheight. Thanks to Gracenote’s new connection, it’s now easier than ever to browse song titles on your mobile contaDispositivo with the help of album cover. Expand your music collection with record MP3 music recorder and thousands of radio stations via the internet. It looks amazing, right?

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