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MP3 Rocket 7

Caterpillar is a MP3 network and P2P Gnutella torrent support, watching and listening to free music and soundtracks such as audio and video clips.

Like FrostWire and LimeWire

Caterpillar is similar to the MP3 FrostWire and LimeWire way to know if those using the software will be a piece of cake. Even so, easy to use and suitable for anyone who wants to start downloading movies, music crafts Copyright other products as long as it is! You can also see and hear, which among them, and turn the playerMP3 music player, including mobile devices.
The software offers HD video and sound ringtone downloads at 320kbs 1080p.

Administered by tabs

Caterpillar installed you quickly to find MP3 tabs that machinamentasearches the list of popular with my file, file and also participated in the online TV, radio, and movie libraries. All downloaded content is free, but suggested that rocket MP3 internet web pages that are often linked to paying.

Limited audio player withVideo

I hear the fight against a video program that can also be a player, but the least elements are Nii judged are less favorable to women.


Finally the MP3 Rocket program is very stable, if you really have information about the complaint, and before the latestThere in such times, there was no such a thing. Also remember that as MP3 MP3 rocket is not suitable for large PCs. MP3 Rocket is generally the company P2P client network, except the gravity.


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