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Mozilla Thunderbird EN 24

Thunderbird is an alternative e-mail client desktop to Microsoft Outlook, Firefox developers.

Mozilla Thunderbird is a award-winning and free solution to manage your email more efficiently. And there are many advantages for them to go. Unlike e-mail, for example, virtual identities can manage and create on-the-fly addresses, and is widely viewed as having one of the best spam filters out there. Recently, with a surface with tabs smooth zanapraviUpdated manage your email more easily.

The feitoque like Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird can be improved with all kinds of extensions that makes an email client and it very competitive. It is now much faster and more stable than before, due to the fifth Gecko engine


EscenarioMozilla Thunderbird is painless. You can quickly import messages and contacts from your e-mail account or Outlook form, and POP3, IMAP, and SMTP accounts voblere. Too well organized,Mozilla Thunderbird provides filters to deliver your message in folders and separate inboxes. And, of course, has construídocorrector checker to make sure their messages are professionally done.

What makes Mozilla Thunderbird more rare is that it comes with the built-in RSS reader. Today, it is a little dated, as many people use an application, separately or even Firefox itself – follow RSS feeds, but it can only korisnoako mail and follow RSS feeds while theComposition of news.

Search your e-mail address

Search tool Thunderbird grandee research is done in real-time while typing. The search results are displayed in a separate tab. The batteries are usually very large part of Firefox and Thunderbird allows you to have multiple messages open in separate tabs. This is a fantastic feature of Thunderbird aíndaNon has left many messages voednash open. The file is also another useful featureFor those who do not want to delete the messages, but I would like to delete in your inbox.

So what is certain? Vostedepensar in e-mail client Open Source is inherently less secure than it is paid, but Thunderbird is surprisingly secure, with spam filter very bullet-proof. The reason for this is that Thunderbird is regularly updated and made by volunteers who is the main interest that is mellorproduto, instead to profit proizvod.bezbednosni updatesRegular, but small, soThunderbird not delay.

Support change

One of the biggest sales arguments of Mozilla Thunderbird is that it supports Microsoft Exchange, that it will already address discounted users from Office.

In contrast, the application lacks a certain finesse in certain areas. Thunderbird does not have style conversational view email like Gmail (still toamozhepode to download separately), and there are not many options with attachmentsAnd pictures. Also no schedule, but also this can be downloaded separately in the form of „Lightning“.

Overall, Thunderbird is a good free alternative to Microsoft Outlook.

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Security fixes problems that corruption causes occasional local folders after the leak is fixed (815012)

The problem that the exclusion ofAirflow caused in IMAP folder saved in offline mode now work fixed (805,626)

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