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Microsoft OneDrive 17

Onedrive desktop client for Microsoft’s online store with the same name. It is a slick tool up to 25 GB of storage for free „in the cloud“ offers.

In other words, OneDrive work Dropbox. It’s like an online hard drive allows you to save files stored on your computer so you can access them wherever you are.Be flexible in providing Mac, iOS and Android onedrive.I access to your files when you’re away from your computer, you can access your account OneDrive Windows Live, Windows Live is part of the family.

OneDriveIs the easiest to use. When you install on your computer, it will create a folder called OneDrive on your system. Public folder, so you need to get a copy of all the items you want here,Place. It comes with some sample documents, so the system is not easy, but it is very, very simple. Once documents in the folder, they are accessible from any computer you log in with your accountOneDrive.

OneDrive big volume of online storage, and excellent integration with Windows Live. These factors combine to make a powerful weapon pretty. There is no option in the „Settings“ conversation,But if you want to get your account mynediadPC OneDrive (from another PC), you need a special code. Once you get set, it is operation simple remote control is easy.

NoteOneDrive with standard 7 GB of storage. If you are using OneDrive, you get free access to 25 GB, you can make your account OneDrive Microsoft Live. It is very fast and takes llythrennolun click.

Version 17, Microsoft added an optionsynchronization, so you can choose which files you want to sync sync your OneDrive folder instead. This brings SkyDrive opOm speed with competitors like Dropbox and Box.

Totally great app OneDrive. It is clean,Easy to use and quickly, as well as offering free 25 GB ddimstorio online.

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