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LEGO Worlds 1

Lego World is an adventure game for the PC. And by the way, it can only have called LEGO Minecraft haseasilibeen.

Do not move unexpectedly

Lego World catches the essence of the series wearing LEGO Universe to Minecraft. In fact, considering how Mincraft took inspiration from LEGO (albeit in digital form), možetevidi how it closes the circle.

Every game of Lego World begins with a randomly generated environment. For now, maiValang specific goals, but it does not stop at you LEGO canFind pieces and use them to develop the project as medieval castles, spaceships and more. Essentially, her toys bring to life in a virtual world.

More encourages every environment thanks to the variety of the individual virtual LEGO world to explore. Be adventurous with their awards since every virtual world coin selection chest hides – coins with which to buy more business.

Beautiful blocks

In some cases, you can find a weapon.For what? Well, LegoSvet is full of characters and animals of all kinds: vampire, horses, pigs, some of which will likely be seen better than others.

Graphic Lego World is much more detailed than the Standard Minecraft. Effects such as reflections, light and shadow to fill any vacancy, and look good. There is also a day / night cycle; Fun, if only dahilpagsikat sinking and look great.

NaTrenutno Lego World is very complete. You can discover, build, drive, driveAnimals, and more structure unlock. But there is still a lot to be done about – the multiplayer, the environment, the ability to share your creations online, better tools and customization of characters is still all you need.

Work in progress

BitiLego advice download this time? It depends on. If the concept offend ngLEGO minecraft then sure – but remember that the wages for the demo. If you are after a full game, you have to wait a little longer.

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