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Kaspersky Anti Virus Internet Total Security

Kaspersky Anti-Virus and the Internet and General Security 2018

Kaspersky offers excellent protection against viruses, trojans, spam, hackers and the like. The most advanced and hybrid approach to digital security combines innovative cloud technologies with modern antivirus technology. Protection that provides a faster and more effective response to complex and ever-increasing threats. You, your personal information and your PC are fully protected if you work, work in a bank, perform itPurchases And play on the internet.

Protect your privacy, your money and your children are risks online

– Protects your PC against threats today

– Add additional security to online banking and stores

– Protect your confidentiality and personal information

– Helps to protect your children from threats online

– Combines excellent security and optimized performance

Unique insurance money technology

Provides additional layers of protection during financial transactionsSuch as online banking And purchases, as well as the use of payment systems.

Innovative hybrid protection

Combine innovative technologies of cloud technology With advanced anti-virus protection to ensure that you are always safe from the latest threats.

Protection of the rights of identity and confidentiality

Use the latest cloud data, anti-phishing technology, and secure keyboard mode to keep your personal information inactive.

Alerts on unsafe websites

Be advised yoursAbout security of links in search results and blocks malicious websites and phishing characters.

Advanced Parental Control

It helps to ensure the safety and accountability of your children online when they search on the internet, they play while enjoying social networks.

Safe social networks

Make sure your Twitter and Twitter accounts do not receive any malicious connections or software from your friends.

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