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Jitbit Macro Recorder 5

Large computers and all that, but some tasks can be a little tedious if you need to do every day. That is why it makes sense to set the macro recorder to achieve a common activity for you – and not a bad solution Jitbit choice. This application allows you to record sequences of mouse clicks, typing and moving the cursor on your screen for later use.Once the action is recorded can be ‚played‘ at any time and even dikompilasidalam EXE file.

rhaglenyn save a lot of time to appeal fill out the form, the development of information and perform maintenance tasks, and it is also good to make presentations and video tutorials (even if you can not export in a variety of film formats). However, the best thing about this application is the script, which isallows you to program specific commands, such as launching applications or websites, or even shut down your computer tanpaAnda should record the action itself.

When it comes to web access, appychydig complex, but to General computing tasks Jitbit Macro Recorder can be a real blessing.


Play button is disabled if no command macro

delay random events (the long-awaited feature come)

konfirmasisaran morethe right exit macro unsaved

Fixed „hotkey registration failed“ message when hotkey is set to „No“, the text box remains Play

arbedffeil empty – fixed

minor interface improvements

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