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Internet Explorer 7

Just when you think you would see a version of Internet Explorer on the side of the ice age that Microsoft reaches Earth in the form of software release Allah kuvinjari.Imekuwa long to give users many networks to be bored with esperandoMicrosoft to improve the technology and its look elsewhere, especially in the direction of the world wrong Firefox.Sasa browser is not blowing to see his crown wrestled away, but it may be enough to win her back? Kwastarters interfacesimplified new menu bar closed kuboresha.Microsoft basically hidden behind all the tools and features in a set of small icons, carefully placed at the top dereitointerface.Utapata seen as very strong to change. IE has finally decided to support tabbed browsing. Total new tab button to open immediately, with wit Quick Guides, which opens Highlights tabs open in your pantallaOjana, unlike Firefox, IE 7, actually hasa Close button in each tab.Unaweza to keep the volume of your box is opened in order to start all over again. He also appreciated the tools to adjust the size of print on paper.

IE7 has improved how it integrates RSS. Whenever you come across sites that support RSS, icons toolbar orange tabia.Bonyeza to make it and will take the show all sitiohiyo.Bonyeza only feeds this link to request favorite foods yako.Unaweza also applies, by clicking on the small iconplanet left. Unlike Firefox, however, by a drop in attitude todomalisho.Vipendwa Center, opened by clicking on the icons bigger star, divided favorites, feeds and history. Security is usually an area of ​​weakness IE.Mbali up Block Version 7 and also against filtrophishing dishes. Try, open inayojulikanamaeneo Phishtank look in print. Our ambition filter can not do more of them. Phishing protection can be strong, but at least IE 7s and protocolseguroSSL browser and TLS 3 0 20 0 and 1. As Firefox. For all the improvements, IE is still far from perfect. Like Firefox, IE can not pass the test Acid2 and not to support standards IE karibuni.Tulipata and drag to open a new tab, and use the tools mapya.Unaweza good environment to increase the number box search providers and add-ons from the Microsoft website, however, is still in the majority and minority in comparison to both ampliarFirefox.Zaidi Mozilla, IE 7 limitsto those of you and XP SP2 and for some reason you need to disable antivirus and restart your computer to install it properly.

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