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ICloud 4.0

Apple iCloud online storage service for Windows. iCloud account stored in the control panel that allows you to manage online content and all kinds of Apple’s devices and sync it with your computer.

synchronize data across all your devices

With iCloud Windows, IOS userscan easily keep email, contacts and calendars on their Apple devices and theirAmong updated PC.

The program offers aukeraZure synchronizes bookmarks in Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Google Chrome (Windows) in Safari with Mac IOSi soon.

iCloud will automatically upload photos from your computer to haveaccess them directly. The same applies vice versa, as long as the pictures are added to iCloud photos folder (availableAfter install file browser iCloud), automatically synchronizes with all your Apple devices.

Finally, several similar photos and videos are shared daAukerawith others available.
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Windows Explorer integration

Of course izpolzvanena iCloud, Apple at least one mobile device and you must have Apple ID. software is very easy to install, all users will have to choosewhat kind of content you want to sync or not.

Then, if you want to change behintzataukera synchronization, everything that happens is that the menu of Windows Explorer, two folders (and iCloud Drive iCloud PHOTOS) favorite is also available via integration iCloud. Drag and drop to upload youriCloudor please copy and paste into those folders.

Useful for access to vashiyadanni wherever you are

iCloud syncing and more than one device is very useful to recover your data. Setting a piece of cake, and its integration with Windows Explorer to manage file dagozure whole loteasier.


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