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How To Be A Latin Lover

An extremely handsome and very young Maki dream to be rich, but you never work a day in your life. After a career of seduction senior older woman, married to a rich girl her age more than twice. 25 years later, broken and miserable, who wakes up next to a woman niegosiedemdziesiąt – stunned his life, when he had finished it, giving younger car dealer. He left his house and was desperate for a place to stay, he must move with his sister, Sarah and separation is uncomfortable, but srdačnimSinHugo in his small apartment. pragnącaby return to the plush luxury, Maki uses his niece to strike another person in order to achieve its new goal – grandmother, Celestea, billionaires udovičnog. From trying to regain his power as Maksimo Latin lover, he finds that connects bratankiemHugo and begin to learn that love from Latin means to love money is not as important as love family.

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