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Hollow Knight v1


Name: Hollow Knights

Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie

Developer: Team Cherry

Publisher: Cherry Team

Release date: February 24, 2017

For this game

Brave deep forgotten kingdom escape dying city Dartmut, someone sleeping ruins ancient kingdom. Many of the surfaces vytyahnutinyzhcencook the wealth or fame or the answer of an old knight in the form of a classic 2D adventure in a world wide. Visible winding caves, ancient towns and deadly clashes of waste-friendly creaturesDimness and strange errors, and solve the mystery kunotsarstvotoKlasichesko features side scrolling action with all the modern 2D control sets. Dodge, trim the gallery and even death in a vast world of forgotten roads overgrown with wild animals and destroy his vlasnyychas! The Hallowest world is wide and open. Choose a path that will answer that your enemy encounters and finds his own way with powerful new skills and abilities! Get spells, speed powers. Skip to the wing of an airplaneNew heights. Lean forward spalahy.Domenni burning enemies with fiery souls! Ancient relics that offer new strengths and abilities. Choose your favorite and make your trip unique! A great piece of sweet and creepy character living 2D traditional enemy frames! 30 Epic bosses! Fight the zhorstokohotvaryny and pull the ancient knights on their way to the kingdom. Track every last enemy distorted and add it to your lovetsVestnik! Go to bed of consciousnessnail. Find the other side of all the characters you meet, and the enemy is painted with a landscape, with extravahantnymparalaks, a unique sense deep into the side of your journey with a large screen instrument. Buying compasses, axes, cards and pins to improve understanding of sex possible, many interesting speakers and events accompany players on the journey of proofenohopo Kristofar Larkyna. The result reflects the magnitude and sadness of tsivilizatsiyaNa Knight hollow to open the mode of Steel Soul, the problemGreatest! Hand Evokulirasht World World Knight Hollow comes to life in vivid detail gentle cave full istotykozhen strange and awful animation by hand in new 2D traditional areas You will find beautiful unikaneh and full of new creatures and characters. Get yourself ideas and discover new hidden wonders from battle, as classic gameplay, funny but creepy characters epic pryhodiKrasivi, gothic world, hollow knights are expected!

System requirements

Micro:Operating system: Windows 7Processor: Intel CoreE5200Memory 2 Duo, 4GB RAMGraphics: GeForce 9800GTX + (1GB) DirectX: 10Sod 9 GB Version Additional Notes, 1080, 16: 9

Recommended: Operating system: Windows 10Processor: Intel Core i5Memory: 8GB RAMGraphics: GeForce GTX 560DirectX: 11Sod Version 9 GB additional note: 1080, 16: 9 is recommended

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