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Google Chrome v46

Google Chrome Stable (x86 and x64) {B4tman}

Description: –

Google Chrome combines a minimal design and sophisticated technology to make the web faster, safer and easier. Google Chrome also uses a new Javascript engine (V8), much faster than Javascript interpreters. This means that AJAX can create more complex and intensive programs with less speed and processing limits. Finally, on Google Chrome Blink (WebKit plug)It is built on top of it, so that Google Chrome users will have the CSS3 function adding Blink (WebKit fork), which will be the same.

Characteristics: –

A single work window

shortcuts for apps

dynamic tiles

failure of management

hidden mode

Google Gears integration

In each single process, each tab is resolved

Program update of components suitable.


Import settings from others to developers

Simplified download process

safe navigation

Use WebKitSimple and fast HTML performance

Multilingual support and easy to use browser

Freeze and freeze a browser missing

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