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Fraps are useful for taking screenshots and videos from your computer. Walk in the background while you play the game, and check the frame rate, make video gameplay and take screenshots with ease.

Registration of Fraps version can take with Water Fraps, and take screenshots in 30 seconds BMP video format. Full version no water videos and screenshots also come in JPG, PNG, TGA and.

Using Fraps, just start the vorDein game app and when the game starts, you judgeCounter in the corner of the screen, suitable for comparison. Hotkey with screenshots and video enabled. You can choose to display either alone or in a darkroom with a time limit.

For video, you can record sound, and even a microphone so you can easily make your own runs. Video Production The disadvantage of size – 3 minutes of video is about 3 GB, which means you need another app to change the format.However, Fraps is very light and should not affect the quality of its gameplay.

AsAll analogy, screen cameras and video fraps are hard to beat. It’s lightweight and easy to use, There are enough options to keep most users happy.


Accident scheduled start time of the recording loop

Stutter edit mode for some users while recording a circle

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