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Fotor Photo Editor 2

Fotor is simple, but easy to picture editor for Windows that allows you to edit photos without using expert Photoshop.Kina editing process toolsetFotor light, the images you fast exposure, contrast, white balance and saturation fit, sharpen / blur, add a vignette or crop, straighten, rotate and zaidi.
Color Splash Effect Pro v1 Anaongeza borders, and tilt-shift effect zaidiScenes offers 13 different photos 1-tap enhancement options can be improvedbrought disrepute or who need re -kugusa.PiaMay is a huge selection of sounds boundaries created by professional photographers and designers. There are more than 60 effects, including Classic, Lomo, B W, Art and vignettes, with over 30 different styles of frames. Fotor also includes interesting tilt-shift effect to your photos to give you the usual depth of field only professional-grade DSLR camera.

Surprisingly easykutumiaPamoja with all the features, Fotor is very easy to use. further improvements skadeen kutumbuizakutumiaslider and also social networking media to get your pictures there immediately.

superbbidhaa final results by Fotor give you a Photoshop-esque results have to be a graphic design expert. He added with a slick interface, it makes your photo editing fun.

HitimishoFotor is the best optionbecause they want professional looking results without having to buy and learn how to use Photoshop all


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