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Flipkart Varies by device

Designed to make purchases in the Indian market, Flipkart is a good looking app that allows you to share and discuss potential purchases with friends. The bar of some small imperfections of the small interface, it looks really good, but that’s all I can say, because – not in India is almost as useful to me as a sale at a tobacco shop.

And if you’re wondering, I do not smoke.

SaubererVer, a nice touch interface

FlipkartWorks like any other application market. You can easily scroll up and down your page with theft, and move smoothly. Products are listed by category and searchable easily with just a few tapes or fill in the search field.

The list is clearly defined, displayed with pictures and prices. When you reach this lead to a product page where more information can be found. This includes a selection of vendors capable of Porto, and the ability to check sentIn your area.

Note: It is challenging when you are outside of India.

Jugadiberi warn if you leave something in your car and reject an active order, expect a normal warning.

Nonque sailing like

Perhaps the most interesting is the social hook on Flipkart. All the items that are thinking of buying can be shared with your friends for their opinion. Obviously, they must be in service to use the right obwohlIch’m not sureThat it is not their contact, to build your audience.

Again, because I was not in Indiaque I was tempted to check, but it looked like a good addition to the usual shopping experience.

The complaint only comes with the adoption of some minor usability issues. Adding a word to the search function is painstaking, requiring me to delete the existing and start, rather than to get your search results. It is also important to note that the productDieFormatierung is sometimes suppressed giving the information screen in a way that will not let him go.

looks good

If andatinggal in India and have been bought with Flipkart, this application seems to be great. Also, it looks like a good social hook to buy digital with friends.

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