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FileLocator Pro 8

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Has a powerful tool for files and their contents, working with all types of media and hard drives, to find the download of Filelocator possible. You can find files in archives and word files to search for embedded Active Scripting support so you can create your own scripts. You can export the results in different formats, a good file viewer also with invoegtoepassingsWorks, is obtained, gewoonlikBaie institutions.

PR positive side, it is worth efficient algorithms while pointing to search in the filelocator. After the search you will get the results, which are integrated support for the export as a basic and extended interface used. There is a command line mode, you can search network drives, Filelocator Unincode support. This is only a small part of the program to be programmed.

Manufacturer: Mythicsoft Ltd.



Size: MB

Operating system: Windows

How to install:

1). IsIngesluitv instructions, if necessary.

2). Everything is done and enjoyed.


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