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Facebook Messenger Unofficial Chrome 2

This Chrome extension you get a special button to open Facebook Messenger – whether it is another question.

Now you can do something you can already do!

„Now you can use Facebook Messenger Google Chrome!“ Says description of the popular extensions Chrome. Let vyhodytyz way – you alwayswas in all browsers on Facebook.

etoFacebook Communicator browser extensions add buttons to each other, that the new window öffnet.In this window you will see all your messages by clicking and can respond to them as the page. You must be logged in via Facebook Chrome, touseit – so if you’re on a site and out of the system, you will no longer Communicator notification of this extension.

Only for easily distracted

facebookrasshirenie Communicator for Chrome works, but the question „why?“ There’s no reason for verwendenes. He vykorystovuyesystemniresources and Chrome only slightly slower and adds a button to Chrome and occupies space. If you could be included in the expansion, but not logged in, it could be justified, but as it stands, it’s totally unnecessary. All that makes this expansion and better zruchnishecherez website. The only preimuschestvoyavlyaetsyathen you can avoid many potential distractions should offer Facebook (except your news, obviously).

Trat browser space

This expansion of Facebook Messenger for Chrome works well, but it’s quite ridiculous!

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