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DisplayFusion 8.1

DisplayFusion is multi-monitor will make your life much easier. such as multiple monitors, job title bar buttons and features a fully customizable as powerful features, easy to handle multiple monitors on your own DisplayFusion. Take a look at some of the following features DisplayFusion batikasteko how you can help!


– Multi-monitor taskbar

– Advanced Management wallpapers

– Customizable Features

– Monitors

– Windows 8 tvyky

– Broken Window

– Officewindows

– viknoroztashuvannya

-Windows Record background

– Multi-monitor screensaver

– Ikonoaworksheet profiles

– Easy management.

What’s new:

– Fix: Fixed a bug that allowed DisplayFusion connection Apodi

– Fix: when DisplayFusion prohibits the use of TLS or TLS to connect to the Internet service provider fixed a problem.


And set 1.Kendu

2. To install the trial and registration

3. Run a merger performance and automatic updates off

4. Use data litsenziyireyestruvatysyathe

5. Finish.


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