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Color Efex Pro 4

Color Efex Pro is in addition to Photoshop and other graphics editors, which corrects and improves color in each image.

To access the Color Efex Pro is all you need to do is go to the filtering program and select it. When you open it, you will see the filter window is present in various types of image: landscape, events, travel, If any trace of Color Efex Pro does not agree with you, ręcznyTryb exactly where you menentukantetapanmost appropriate for your photo. Shoe, saturated vignette or a portion thereof; They can make the image look more natural and represent all kinds of emotions.

Color Efex Pro integration is total: you can also define a first impression, and then applied to some fields with other tools, such as brushes or cube. posibilidaday surprising.

According to następującychredaktor

– Photoshop CS

-Photoshop Elements

– Photoshop Lightroom

– AppleAperture

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