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Clean Master for PC 2014

Calling for cleaning computer – version of the best Android for Windows, here. It removes unused files from your system and restore the hard drive. The application is extremely effective, affordable and suitable for all types of users.

Improving the quality and hihiyenyPC orderto keep his job

Calling for cleaning computer help computer files is required. Adobe Master Collection CC 2017 The analysis is carried out quickly and when you’re done, a report listing all deleted files, Clic browser, audio / video and system memory unnecessary files from applications of third (500), spam societyinvalid and many others.

You can check the details of each of these elements and finding faylivzasmichuyut your computer.

In the settings menu you can adjust the original clean so that it works when you open for Windows. You can also include a messagethat an excess of unnecessary files (100, 300, 500.800 MB or 1 GB).

Finally, the original clean your computer can also be integrated into cart contextual menu (with option „Delete unnecessary files“), so you can immediately start scanning your computer immediately.

Maximumcomfort and design excellence

Call for prybyrannyaPK interface is intuitive and flexible design with modern, updated content. It is simple to use and understand, even for beginners.

kogdaAnaliz completed, you are offered two options for removing unwanted files: youcan click „Clear Now“ to delete files that do not all show, or you can delete files surely if you are only interested in a particular genre.

When finished cleaning, Cleaning Master histogram displays the amount of space to recover from each category.

FullyPC clean

Calling for cleaning your computer – it fantastikaNemnogo software for proper cleaning and obsluhovuvannyaVikna.

This alternative CCleaner and although it functions less well developed, it is much faster and more convenient.


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