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Big Brother S19E15

Big Brother, which began in 2000, has become an annual tradition for fans; Every summer (except for 2008 Winter Edition) houseguests viewers are treated to new challenges and new cast! Here’s how the game works: Each week, the main challenge in the house where all players are competing for power in the house. Then Nona benodwydMae other two houseguests for eviction. A few days later, the competition is being held sylaVeto six players (Hoch, and three nomineesguests) trying to win a gold veto power, which gives the right to „veto“ or cancel their Hoh holder, forcing another appointment Hoh (In veto holders) in the datganiad.Yna throwing fresh every week, the houseguests voted to evict people leave home forever. On the way competition areFood (houseguests, which, if not win results they eat „slop“ in the week) and Luxury competition Sometimes, all this leads to the final, where a group of jurors sequestered bleidlaisi’rwinner, who received half a million dollars! Big Brother 14 will include 16 people with 4 of them back to last season. For 4 people recommended 3 lyudey.Kozhen team coach will go home only if all teams are at home. BB16 is a 2 Hoh now. Everyone gets attention Hoh to two enwebaiYna will compete in a challenging team called Fight Block. The edge of the nominees are safe and undo Hoh they do, leaving Hoh as a candidate to replace the candidate. There are still POVthat, so now there are 2 options to appoint

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