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Age of Mythology Extended Edition

Playing one of the four sides of the history of this classic strategy game in real time. Marshal team with a mortal and immortal monster is the same in your quest for conquest and domination. Victory will go to those who build a broad military use and benefit of the Gods.

GreatRTS game

One of the great RTS game last decade is the Age of Mythology. After a regular practice to build a city that will support their economy and once again ovozmozhinivto create units. This unit is used to fight for matlamatdan beatany opponent on the site. The game allows you to progress through four different ages each giving access to different buildings and units with more useful and powerful than the previous period. Create units myth of the Minotaur and Cyclops as create characters wiradan benefit of mythical gods call down their anger against their enemies.

singleor multiple

Igrapreku campaigns Age of Mythology’s story deep and satisfying plot with interesting characters. kilirankemahiran them against AI players before divinginto a multi-fight friends or strangers over LAN or Internet. In Age of Mythology way you play is up to you!

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