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Adobe Acrobat Pro DC	 2015

There are several options for reading and editing PDF documents nowadays but Adobe Acrobat Pro was the first. This professional version of the software allows you to create, view and edit PDF-documents.

Adobe Acrobat Pro DC provides several different ideas readingPDF-documents, includingvarying degrees of magnification. Most importantly, it allows you to edit documents, annotate, add stamps, watermarks and signatures, and export them in various formats vklyuchayuchyHTML and Postscript.

You can kreiratePDF files from varioussources, including files, scanneddocuments and web pages. You can also mix and match documents, create PDF portfolio and use a variety of tools to add multimedia to create PDF forms, add digital signatures and more.

Bigplus Adobe Acrobat Pro is that it also supports OCR scanningdocuments. This means that you can scan a document on your computer and Adobe Acrobat X will convert it into text that youcan edit. The accuracy and speed of this feature is impressive, and eliminates the need zatreti persons applicationsOCR. The big disadvantage is that Adobe Acrobat Pro DC may bepainfully slow startup and installation process is a bit long.

Adobe Acrobat Pro offers all the tools you will ever need to manage and edit PDF documents.


Stopretype information in PDF filesTurn the PDF output file in Microsoft Office, preserving fonts, formatting, etc.editing text and images directly to a file PDF – make small changes to the text and images in the PDF-pages; We should keep track of originalniotgradenje datafaster forms and collect – Drag drop and create PDF or web forms in minutes. Then move to the Internet for easy distribution, collectiondata and analysis.

Sharing documents that look right at any time – it’s never been easier tosave your work in PDF files that anyone can open ivyd

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