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Action! screen and game recorder	 2

Action! This lets video users about their quality of life experience and not exceed. Not only for players but also other software features include full Windows screen, or part of screen recording, capture images, video recorder, and music recordings for playback later. The high level of cooperation and co-operation shows the most profitable advantage of this unique package type.

ProverbPodrobnaya Mirillis Action!

Action! He writesAn intuitive screen, which allows users to perform various functions in the main platform. One important thing is that the first real-time recording takes place when there is a video or a game. Even if the user is disguised in the middle of the screen, and the rating standards are not affected.

In addition, the ability to record different, this pozvolyaetGeympley program distributes with other devices and Internet sources. Three commonMore models are Facebook, YouTube and Twitch. This is known as Action! Stream capability in timeIt does not have a very popular look.

With regard to digital quality, there are slightly left ideas due to the level of equipment specialists accelerating. This operation uses a game, with the ability to record Full HD / 4K 60p, which is registered one for the MP4 formatted format. MirillisDeystvie! Backup file, using advanced hardware technology such as AMD APP, NVIDIA venc and Video Intel Quick Sync. Video recording can significantly improve, if the file does not take too much space on the carYour hard.

Interface and usage

One of these benefits in comparison with the same service as the gameshow is the fact that it has material that brightly. So, polzovatelon must have good skills in the recording screen to enjoy its benefits. The video displays a video encrypted by Knowledge, such as delete, share, view and download.

Easy to understand the layout will show the number of existing records for the common file group. The right side of the screen has a variety of functions, including the current file size, sizeVideo and photo speed. All this can be vozmozhno.Suschestvuetorodha of parameters available on top right offers more products for easy and transparentTo use the settings tab. The user can add videos to video cameras, microphones, or definitions of special video recording and video screenshots. A leading presentation for those who are afraid to share with more complex platforms.

Do together

Mirillis Action! It’s similar to other products and apps with one author from an effective point of viewIts own and user-friendly backgrounds. In recognition of the fact that file is not used more file, and userI have the ability to record, when it appears in all or part of the video, profits before removal. The last benefit to mention here is that there is a number of online training available for those who still have additional questions.

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