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1stBrowser 45.0

Built around Chromium, the same open source code as Google Chrome, 1.Browser provides a familiar interface from which to start surfing. This can not be enough to tempt you like your current browser, but it provides a handful of extra tools to enhance your online interactions.

Find your way

With Chromium acts as an established, robust and customizable portal 1.Browser on the Internet. In the settings menu you can edit your homepage, add extensions,The screen display set on the startup routine. And, chances are, you’ll need to make some changes immediately as 1stBrowser as a standard search tool.

Its common descent with Chrome allows you to synchronize your settings between the platforms. Bookmarks and favorites settings from other browsers, such as Firefox, it can also be imported.

They also have access to the many extensions for Chrome shops, which prevents some of these add-ons from their stabilityto back up. Here, however, 1.Browser start to differ with a good selection of tools that are installed.

While it may not have the most important features available, 1.Browsers most announced addition is the inclusion of customization featuresvisual.

In the upper right corner of the screen, you will find the Personalization button next to the settings. This provides a variety of face-lift to the 1stBrowser, change colors, background imagesAnd icon desktop.

Unfortunately, there are many topics still available, but the decisions promise to expand and it is an easy way to personalize your browser appearance. Unless you spend a lot of time on pageblank, but the only change you notice is regular Colored bar title.

Easy media management

1.Browsers other supplements provide more practical functionality. Chef among these is his CyfryngauDownloader. This tool is still sittingIn the upper corner to the right of the screen, but always active. ESET NOD32 Antivirus Windows 7/8/10 portable Torrent
This means whenever you visit a website and roll video orimage, a button will open to give you the opportunity to download.

Downloads come with a variety of options so you can save videos or just use their sound and you can apply filters quickly to images. To make it easier to organize this, 1stBrowser also holds everything together in a media tab as a reference. Its good integredigofferyn,And defiant standout element of the package.

Rollingover the address bar encourages a menu of pages to regularly visit. These tiles with icons of the popular pages at first, but soon populate with your favorite pages themselves. Its handy little addition, the half step between controlsAttractive search your bookmarks, favorites and history.

Along with the standard Chrome secure browser experience, you warns questionable pages 1.Browser promised that it would work with antivirusand“Adblocker“ is coming. In reality, however, these functions are not yet active, but are planned for future updates.

Full promise

1.Browsers Genesis in Chromium makes everything feel familiar and easy to navigate as well, of course, allows users Chrome to synchronize all their sites with ease. However, the reasons for this repressed him at the moment because of the many of his functions promises promises alone.

The one outstanding is its Element Media Downloader,Thanks to its convenience and the ability to organize shear media downloads, defy 1stBrowser standout.


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